tulips in front of a UW–Madison building
notebook with "2020 goals" sitting next to coffee cup and phone and pen

7 new year’s resolutions to enrich your life—and how to accomplish them

It’s that time of year when the festivities are over, and the pressure is on to make good on the
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Writers's Institute attendees at tables

UW–Madison Writer’s Institute Helps Authors Find Publishing Success

Authors and past attendees of UW–Madison Writers' Institute find writing and publishing success thanks to conference.
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Thoughtful businesswoman looking out window reflecting trees

Is Moving Into Management Right for You?

A career counselor explores motivations for a move into management and if it's right for you.
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illustration of a book with a mountain coming out of it and a person standing on the mountaintop

Writing success stories: 9 authors who got published with the help of writing classes, conferences, retreats, and critiques at UW–Madison

Writing support can help aspiring authors improve skills and gain confidence. UW–Madison Continuing Studies writing programs have propelled people to
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group of people sitting at a table in an Italian restaurant, smiling at the camera

Noncredit language students bond in Italian 3 class

A cadre of dedicated Italian language students hungry for more in-depth study lobbied UW–Madison Continuing Studies to revive a class
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Keena Atkinson speaking at a podium at the Odyssey/Madion Club gala

UW Odyssey Project fundraiser sets a record at the Madison Club

The award-winning UW–Madison Odyssey Project can claim another accolade. They set a fundraising record at the Madison Club’s annual Charity
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conversation between two woman; one woman has her back to the camera

Discussing accommodations or other needs with your employer

Two years ago, I found myself in a medical crisis. A car accident resulted in multiple, ongoing symptoms that made
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black and white photo of a typewriter with "what's your story" typed out on a white piece of paper

Author shares the secrets to writing a great memoir in online and in-person classes

Author Sue Roupp believes as writers write about their struggles, they gain power over them. It doesn’t matter if they
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sets of hands holding on a table

Two sisters, mother, godmother share bonding experience of behavioral health grief course

For the Willihnganzs and a longtime friend, helping professions are a family affair. Melodie Willihnganz is a doctor of audiology.
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