Author: Moira Kelley

Six signs you should NOT take the job

Imagine you’re about to walk into a job interview. You’re nervous and hoping the interviewer will like you. But what happens if, in your rush to impress, you miss a warning sign about the employer or the position? Some red flags may be obvious — an interviewer asking inappropriate questions or a visibly dysfunctional office — but what if the signs are subtler? I’ve compiled a few warning signs you should be aware of before you accept a job offer. High turnover. How long was the previous person in this position? A revolving door in the job or with...

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Career Corner: Fitting into a multigenerational workforce

Imagine you are a 50-something job-seeker arriving at an interview. The person on the other side of the table—your potential supervisor—is half your age. It’s happening more and more. By the year 2020 we will have five generations in the workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is an unusually wide span, thanks to the number of older workers delaying retirement or returning to work after retirement. A 2015 Career Builder survey found that 54% of senior workers will rejoin the labor force after retiring from their current career.   With Traditionalists and Baby Boomers on one...

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How to deal with a career gap

If you’ve stepped away from the working world—and the gap from your last job is several months or many years long—it can be daunting to figure out what to do next. But re-entering the workforce can be empowering. Before you jump into the job search, take time to reflect on your skills and what possibilities might be open to you. Think about what you truly enjoy doing now, rather than simply what you did in your previous jobs. Then you’ll be prepared to use your employment gap to your advantage. Even if you have to re-enter the workforce faster...

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