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Do you need a degree? Consider other educational options

Read about a variety of beneficial educational options outside of getting a degree, by our student services coordinator Ace Hilliard.
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Tips on setting career goals for 2021

Our UW-Madison career counselor offers tips on making a fresh start to find a job, change careers or set new goals in 2021.
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3 timely classes help you support yourself and others in uncertain times

The University of Wisconsin–Madison noncredit classes in Continuing Studies are known for their rigor, relevance and usefulness, even during a global pandemic.
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7 new year’s resolutions to enrich your life—and how to accomplish them

It’s that time of year when the festivities are over, and the pressure is on to make good on the
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4 tips to dress for success in 2019

UW-Madison career counselors offer 4 easy tips to dress for success in today's workplaces, so your potential and personality shine brightly.
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Searching for a job if you’re an ex-offender

In Wisconsin, ex-offenders recently out of prison have many resources to begin their job search and should be optimistic about their options.
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Digital portfolio

Building an online portfolio that’s right for you

If you’re applying for jobs in publishing, public relations, web design, or another creative field, be prepared to share an online portfolio.
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Quiz time! Test your job-market knowledge

Quiz time! Test your job-market knowledge

Find out how much you know about cover letters, switching careers, and going back to school as an adult.
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Cleaning up your digital footprint

Even if you’re content in your current position, a filthy footprint can stop your career in its tracks. Here are some tips on keeping it clean.
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