Online business and career help for artists

At any given time you can go to the Internet and locate just what you need: the etymology of the word ‘serendipity,’ instructions for repairing a chimney, or tips for writing a persuasive resume.

UW-Madison Continuing Studies Professor Leslee Nelson recently launched another helpful online resource: a website for artists who want a career based in the visual arts.

A brightly-colored trove of information and resources for the artist, The Flourishing Artist covers topics such as locating a studio, marketing your art, showing your work, and winning a grant, along with videos depicting some artists who support themselves in unusual and innovative ways.

Nelson developed the website over many years with the help of several students, and it’s already proving popular: “The first week after the website was announced to area artists and art groups, it received 1,000 hits,” she noted.

Nelson has long been interested in helping artists support themselves through their creative work. She’s taught a credit course, The Business of Art, in the UW-Madison Art Department and coordinates a Continuing Studies series of noncredit courses (click on ‘Subject’ and then ‘Art’) focusing on the same topic.

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